Skin Lightening: The Ultimate Guide to Brighter Skin

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Skin Lightener Reviews

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Skin Lightener Reviews You Can Trust

Every review breaks down every aspect of each skin lightener including consistency, how well it performs with other makeup products, ease of use, results, prices, consumer opinions (both the good AND the bad!), plus comparable alternative options when necessary.

This gives you, the consumer, the opportunity to learn how well a skin lightener works, whether or not it’s compatible with YOUR skin type, and if the product is worth the money without having to go through the pain of spending $100s to test multiple cosmetics yourself.

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What is a Skin Lightener?

A skin lightener is a cosmetic product, usually a topical cream or pill, that is used to reduce melanin production, correct uneven skin tones, and lighten or brighten the overall complexion.

Skin Lightening Products

These products come in a variety of forms including creams, serums, lotions, pills, or even soaps.

Some are more potent and effective than others.

The prices of these products also varies greatly.

They can be as inexpensive as $10 or, for more “premium” brands, $100 or more.

Skin lightening products are made for nearly any area of the body.

Most are designed specifically for the face, but there are special cosmetics that are meant to help lighten other body parts including the arms, legs, underarms, and even intimate areas.

What is Skin Brightening?

The act of lightening, whitening, or brightening the skin is a process that originally hails from Asia, a country where porcelain skin is the epitome of beauty.

These days, however, millions of people are interested in getting a smoother, brighter complexion.

So, how’s it done?

Most skin whitening products are designed to gradually reduce the amount of melanin that’s produced within the skin.

Melanin is a special chemical your body creates that has immense influence over skin pigmentation.

Slowing down the amount of melanin being pushed into the skin helps to gradually lighten areas that produce excessive amounts.

When too much melanin is present certain issues arise such as dark spots and other skin discolorations.

In order to accomplish the desired effect – reducing imperfections and lightening the skin – skin lighteners penetrate the skin and utilize chemicals or natural ingredients to stop melanin production in tracks.

The result?

Over the course of a few weeks or months there’s usually a noticeable reduction in dark spots and uneven skin tones.

The time-frame is dependent on a number of factors including the severity of the targeted dark spot, whether or not the cause is melanin or hormonal, and, of course, the product used.

Some dark spot correctors and skin brightening creams can show visible results in as little as 2 weeks.

Others, however, require daily use for 4-6 weeks or longer to really make a difference.

That’s one reason it’s important to read through skin lightener reviews – to determine which cosmetics will give you the desired results as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Having Lighter Skin

While most people want to have a lighter complexion simply for the “look”, there are actually a few real benefits to having a fairer skin tone.

Reduced Risk of Cancer – Keeping sun exposure to a minimum can actually protect you from developing certain types of skin cancer. Excessive exposure to sunlight not only darkens the skin, but also puts you at a higher risk of getting skin cancers. It’s important to get your dose of vitamin D, but moderation is key for your overall health.

Slow Down Aging – One of the biggest causes of aging of the skin is – you guessed it – too much sun exposure. If you don’t want to have wrinkled, damaged skin it’s best to sunbathe as little as possible.

Look Younger – While a good tan can certainly make you look attractive, it can also make you appear older than you actually are. Lighter skin is generally healthier, has less imperfections, and allows you to look like the bright, young beauty you feel you are!
Sure, there are advantages to having darker skin tones – but if you’re wanting to keep your skin healthy and slow down the aging process, having a fairer complexion can go a long way.

Is Skin Lightening Safe?

Ever since the concept of lightening the skin started to rise to popularity in the Western world there have been numerous studies and stories published claiming that it’s an unsafe treatment.

Are these statements true, though?

The answer is yes…and no.

Some methods of skin whitening are, indeed, risky.

This mainly pertains to utilizing products containing a substance known as hydroquinone.

This is a chemical compound that is banned from use in many countries due to suspected connections to some forms of cancer.

It is, however, still permitted and used as an ingredient in many cosmetics within the United States and other countries.

Skin Lightening Safety

Hydroquinone-based skin lighteners are definitely worth avoiding.

The health risks aren’t worth it and this chemical is often too strong for many people, especially those with sensitive skin.

There are, however, hundreds of dark spot correctors and skin whitening creams that are made without hydroquinone that are effective, affordable, and safe to use on your skin.

While reading through our skin lightener reviews you’ll notice that we make a point to highlight the fact of whether or not a particular product contains hydroquinone or any other questionable substances within its ingredients.

We do this to help you find a great cream or serum that’s guaranteed to give great results without harming your skin or potentially lending way to any other health risks.

Who Should Use Skin Lighteners?

Believe it or not, there are actually multiple uses for skin whitening products.

They aren’t solely for making your skin a lighter tone that it already is.

So, who should consider using these cosmetics?

Anyone suffering with any of these conditions can benefit from using a good skin lightener:

As you can see, these products can actually make a difference for people battling a multitude of skin problems.

Everything from common dark spots to freckles can be treated using a proper skin lightening serum or dark spot corrector.

Even people that want to make their intimate areas such as around the vagina, penis, and anus a lighter shade in color can utilize these products.

Yes, there are skin lightening creams that are made specifically for treating these sensitive spots of the body.

You can read through our skin lightener reviews to learn about which ones are safe and effective for this purpose.