THE Best Microblading in Wilmington NC – Top Providers in the Area

Looking to get perfectly sculpted eyebrows, but don’t know where to go? Today, we’re revealing our picks for the best microblading in Wilmington, NC. These service providers were selected based on the quality of service, eyebrow shaping skills, the length of time the microblading lasted, pricing, and other factors.

Microblading: Wilmington NC Providers

Practically every med spa, dermatology center, salon, and so on now offer microblading to help fill in thin brows, shape the eyebrows to the perfect look, and give you a lasting, semi-permanent way to have great-looking eyebrows without a lot of hassle.

Microblading Wilmington NC

They are not, however, all equal when it comes to the overall quality of the service rendered, general aesthetic of the completed eyebrows, or any other primary factor associated with the service.

Below, we’ve listed our top 3 picks for the best microblading Wilmington NC service providers.

Best Microblading in Wilmington NC

#1 – I Am Salon and Day Spa

Located on South College Rd near the corner of the Carolina Beach Rd intersection in Wilmington is the I Am Salon and Day Spa. They offer a variety of services from facials to massages and beyond, but their microblading services are, by far, some of the best in the area. Everyone that walks out of the spa raves about how amazing their brows look after getting microblading from the awesome team here.

#2 – earthBOUND Salon and Day Spa

Our second choice for Wilmington microblading services is earthBOUND Salon and Day Spa. Again, a place that dishes out all kinds of beauty and pampering services, but their record with top-rated microblading sessions is through the roof. Tons of locals agree that their ability to shape and get thickness, arches, and coloring down perfectly is downright stellar.

#3 – Bliss Aesthetics Studio

Last, but certainly not least, the bronze medal for fantastic microblading in the Wilmington NC region is none other than Bliss Aesthetics Studio. Bit of a smaller business in the area, but its home to one of the best eyebrow tattooing artists you can find. Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re going for with your eyebrows the ladies here will assist you in getting an awesome microblading session that will have you leaving with beautiful brows that compliment your face with perfection.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is essentially having your eyebrows tattooed on. The ink is not, however, put as far into the skin, nor is it nearly as permanent as a typical tattoo.

How Long Does it Last?

This varies a bit, but, generally speaking, microblading typically lasts anywhere from 6-12 months. Similar to a standard tattoo – the pigments injected into the skin do eventually fade and you’ll need to have another session.

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