BEST Microblading Near Me – How to Find the PERFECT Brow Artist

Looking for the best microblading services around your area? Finding an awesome artist that can give you the flawless brows you want without any issue can be difficult. While it may seem like a simple process, there’s actually a lot to factor in with microblading services – the color, shape, fullness, and arch of your newly tatted brows are all highly important. That said… let’s jump into finding a great artist.

Best Microblading Near Me

Whether you’re in Cali or NYC where semi-permanent makeup artists can be found in the thousands or a smaller city in the south – there are some key things you’ll want to keep in mind while searching for the best microblading near me.

Best Microblading Near Me

Technique and Overall Skill

This should be at the top of your list. We get it – we know that microblading cost is a big deal, too, but this is something you really don’t want to cheap-out on. Remember – this kind of service is SEMI-PERMANENT. It lasts for MONTHS – sometimes longer. The last thing you want is to have to deal with messed up eyebrows for a long period of time.

So, the first and most important thing to do is read up on reviews of the local artists, spa, dermatology center, or wherever it is you’re looking into for microblading. Be sure to read through the detailed reviews left by previous customers – especially the ones that leave before and after pictures to view.

If you’ve got an idea of how you want your brows to look, that’s perfect. Look through photos of previous clients that had the most incredible microblading done and find ones that are similar to what you’re wanting and see how good and/or bad they look. Read the praises and/or criticisms of the services, too, obviously.

Microblading Stenciling

By the way – if you don’t know exactly how you want your new eyebrows to look, don’t worry. Most artists (the good ones anyway) can and will easily help you define how your brows should look based on your preferences and your face shape, hair color, and other aspects of your appearance.

Artist Reputation

The best microblading artists won’t just have a handful of good reviews. They’ll have dozens, perhaps hundreds depending on how big of a city you’re living in. In addition to that, you should find an artist that has their own Facebook page, or possibly an Instagram. There you’ll be able to see more examples of their work, read additional reviews from past eyebrow clients, and learn more about the artist themselves.

Microblading is a hot service right now. It’s exploded in popularity for being an affordable way to get fabulous looking eyebrows without the hassle of maintaining them or styling them yourself. You will have to go back for follow-up appointments every now and then for a ‘touch up’, but, other than that, it’s practically permanent.

Microbladed eyebrows last anywhere from 1 to 2 years with upkeep.

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Microblading Prices Near Me

While tatted brows aren’t expensive, it’s not a super cheap procedure, either. Depending on whether or not you find a promotion going on and where you live the total cost of the microblading eyebrows service will usually run anywhere from $300 to $700.

Keep in mind when looking at that price tag, though, that you’ll be getting natural-looking, styled eyebrows from a reputable microblading artist that will last you at least a year in most cases – sometimes two. The pigment from the tattoo will eventually fade as this isn’t a fully permanent solution.

If you really want to save money – keep tabs on your favorite salon and artist via social media. More often than not these service providers will randomly post about discounted sessions, sales, and more that can help you reduce the microblading cost for your session. Join any email list or text message list they may have, too. These are fantastic ways to get the most bang for your buck with not only permanent eyebrows, but any other services they offer.

Permanent Eyebrows Near Me

Microblading is often referred to as a service for getting “permanent eyebrows”. This is, however, a somewhat deceptive phrase. As mentioned above, while this is a tattooed on eyebrow it is NOT 100% permanent. It is considered semi-permanent.

The pigments that are injected into the skin are much less and more superficial than a standard tattoo. So, in layman terms, this means the ink will fade and the tatted eyebrows will eventually go away. They do last a long time – typically 6 months to 2 years, but they are NOT fully permanent.

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Permanent Eyebrows Near Me

And believe it or not – that’s a good thing.

Why? Because you may have your eyebrows done and decide that you just aren’t a fan. Down the road you could be disappointed with the fading or just not want to go back to have your eyebrows touched up every now and then. Heck, you could even have your first permanent eyebrows done by a less-than-ideal artist and have them come out HORRIBLE.

So, no, your brows won’t be permanent, per se – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

And don’t let the cost scare you off just because your new microbladed eyebrows won’t last forever. Again, they do last for an incredibly long time. It’s not a bad investment by any means. You can get some seriously poppin’ brows that you’ll love and only need to have a touch-up done occasionally to keep up with them (touch-ups are usually significantly cheaper than the initial service).

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