Does Egg Make Your Hair Grow? The Truth Behind Eggs for Hair Growth

There are plenty of timeless home remedies and myths when it comes to beauty. One that gets brought up over and over again is the use of eggs for stimulating hair growth. But does egg make your hair grow? If so, how does that work? Today, we’re going to take a deeper look into the subject.

Does Egg Make Your Hair Grow?

If you’ve been trying to ask around and find advice on getting your hair to grow longer, stronger, and more luxurious you’ve no doubt either heard from someone you know or read on a blog that using eggs can help.

Does Egg Make Your Hair Grow

Believe it or not, there is a bit of truth behind this. Eggs, specifically the egg yolk, contain a good bit of vitamins and proteins – the same ones that are often associated with boosting hair growth, getting stronger roots, and having that ever-so-lovely sheen that every woman craves for their hair.

Eggs are a great and natural source of key nutrients. Mixing egg whites and yolks into a hair ask has also been proven to empower hair with superb proteins, working as an incredible natural conditioner, reduces loss of hair, improves overall thickness, and, yes, also enhances overall hair growth.

Egg whites are primarily best for a good detox and cleanse. The yolks, however, can be used to improve length, thickness, cut down on dryness, improve the strength of hair to reduce brittleness, and inject the hair with more than 20 different vitamins and minerals that are essential for overall hair health.

How Often Should I Put Egg in My Hair?

For most cases, to stimulate growth and improve the look and feel of your hair overall – you’ll want to use a good egg hair mask about once a week. This, combined with the use of hair growth vitamins or supplements such as biotin and a healthy diet will work in tandem to give your hair a truly mesmerizing glow-up over the course of several weeks.

Does egg make your hair grow? Yes, it can definitely aide in the process. But it’s important to realize, too, that you’ve got to have a solid hair care routine and stick to it in order to see the full benefit of utilizing egg or any other hair growth treatment.

A relatively large part of getting and maintaining long, luxurious locks is using the right hair care products for your hair type and desired look, eating a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients necessary to stimulate hair growth, and caring for your hair on a daily basis in general.

Using Eggs for Hair Growth

How Does Egg Help Your Hair?

As mentioned above, eggs, especially the yolks, are loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals that your hair needs to grow longer, healthier, and more beautiful. Using eggs in a hair mask (or even just ingesting them) helps to infuse your hair with biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D, folate, and more – all of which work wonders for making hair grow longer, grow faster, become stronger, and even reduce overall hair loss.

Egg yolks are also an incredible natural moisturizer and conditioner for hair. So, not only will eggs assist in stopping breakage and shedding, but they’ll also work for giving your hair a softer, shinier look.

NOTE: If you decide to up your egg intake (dietary wise) – be careful. Overdoing it can actually be detrimental to your health because eggs do contain a relatively high amount of cholesterol. It’s okay to add an egg or two to your daily diet, but we strongly suggest trying the egg-based hair mask weekly instead.

Do Eggs Really Help Your Hair Grow?

So – to answer the question “does egg make your hair grow?” – yes, it does when used appropriately and used in conjunction with other more traditional hair care products and supplements.

If you’re looking for a fast solution to growing your hair, this isn’t it. This is meant to be a technique to improve hair quality over the course of months. You will HAVE to stay on top of the weekly egg hair masks to see any results. For faster results, we recommend trying a tried-and-true supplement such as Viviscal Hair Growth Supplement for Women.

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