Cryo Sculpt Near Me: Where to Get Cryo Fat Melting in Your Area

The latest and most advanced name in the fat freezing field today is CryoSculpt. This service works in a similar fashion to the ever-popular CoolSculpting treatment. Used primarily for getting rid of fat or tightening the skin, Cryo is a quick and easy solution that isn’t invasive, is safe, and utilizes proven cryotherapy methodology to provide incredible results.

Cryo Sculpt Near Me

Finding a clinic or spa that offers CryoSculpt in your area can be a bit tricky. The treatment is relatively new, although quickly on the rise. Many medical spas and beauty clinics are now starting to get the machines in and start opening up appointments for this service.

Cryo Sculpt Near Me

The best places to start looking at are med spas. These are facilities that specialize in beauty and fat loss treatments. They often provide services ranging from Botox injections to laser light therapy for acne and beyond. One of the most popular treatments medical spas offer is cryotherapy – primarily for the purpose of quick and easy fat reduction. This is exactly what Cryo Sculpt is designed to do.

Finding a Cryo Sculpt treatment in your area should be just a few clicks away.

What is CryoSculpt?

It’s an emerging new cryotherapy technique designed to reduce face and tighten loose skin. This form of body contouring utilizes a cold temp handle applied directly to the skin that effectively and safely kills fat cells and assists in the rebuilding of collagen which helps to firm up your skin.

Cryo Sculpt providers use a machine called the Cryo21 which was designed in Italy. According to studies carried out using this tech, most clients saw up to 38% reduction in fat. They also stated that the treatment was mostly pain-free and comfortable in use (88% of respondents surveyed gave this response).

Cryo Sculpt vs Coolsculpting – What’s the Difference?

While these two treatments are similar in purpose the equipment and technique used varies a bit. The machines used in Cryo Sculpt treatments are different from those used for CoolSculpting. Cryo Sculpt utilizes much newer technology. The core concept is essentially the same, though. Both utilize cold temperature, freezing processes to eliminate fat and tighten skin.

What’s the Cost of Cryo Sculpt Near Me?

Cryo Scult cost is pretty similar to other fat freezing treatments. Most spas offer the service for $400 per area to $600 per symmetrical area. The service is meant to be used on a focus area such as the abdomen, thighs, and other spots on the body with visible fat.

Cryo Sculpt Results

How Long Does it Take?

A typical CryoSculpt session will usually take around one hour from start to finish. This is per area, although sometimes you can have two areas of the body treated at the same time. There also isn’t any downtime associated with the treatment so once your treatment is complete you can simply walk out and go about your normal daily activity with no worries about having to rest, take it easy, or slow down your normal schedule.

How Long Before I See Results from CryoSculpt?

In most cases, patients will see a noticeable difference in the targeted area in about 2 or 3 weeks. If you have a slow metabolism, results can come a bit slower – roughly 4-8 weeks after your treatment. It’s also worth nothing that with Cryo Sculpt – or any fat freezing treatment for that matter – your body will continue to remove the frozen fat cells for months after your session.