Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter Review

Got stretch marks and want to get rid of them without shelling out absurd amounts of money for surgical treatments? Well, there is only one way to deal with these awful scars that doesn’t involve spending tons of cash – stretch mark removal cream. While not quite as effective as surgery these creams do, over time, fade away the most noticeable attributes of marks. One such cream is called Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter.

About Basq

Basq isn’t as well-known as other brands but they’re a skincare company that produces several different products. The Advanced Stretch Mark Butter is an intensive treatment system designed to both prevent stretch marks from occurring and repairing skin that is already damaged by these dermal scars.

Basq is made-up of clinically proven ingredients including oils that are noted for their abilities to prevent scars and various butters that are capable of providing the skin with essential nutrients that help it stay soft and tight. A couple of the main active ingredients in Basq, darutoside and algisium C, work toward rebuilding elasticity to keep the skin firm and wrinkle-free.

According to the official website this product prevent future stretch marks and minimizes the appearance of pre-existing ones. The cream is meant to be used daily and is safe for use on areas such as the stomach, breasts, lower back, thighs, and the hips.

Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter Reviews

One of the most powerful tools that consumers have available at their disposal is the word of others. Nothing speaks louder for a product than real, honest reviews left by people that have previously purchased and used the product.

That being said, here are a handful of reviews we round for Basq across the Internet:

Reviews of this particular stretch mark cream are all over the place. Some individuals state that the cream worked wonders and was able to remove their stretch marks within a few weeks. Others, however, claimed that they used the product for a few months or longer and saw no discernible difference in their skin. Overall, there seems to be a very mixed opinion about Basq from consumers.

Our Review

While it is true that not every product will work the same for every individual, it is our belief that the majority of people won’t see significant improvements in their scars by using Basq’s Advanced Stretch Mark Butter. The best way to use this cream would be as a preventative moisturizer, not as an effective treatment for pre-existing stretch marks.

Effectiveness – 4/10

Public Opinion – 5/10

Price – 3/10

Final Score – 4/10


  • Rich, Non-Greasy Cream
  • Works Great for Moisturizing
  • No Foul Aromas


  • Doesn’t Work Well on Pre-Existing Marks
  • Little Results in Coloration or Depth
  • Pricey for What it Offers

The cream absorbs well and doesn’t have an awful aroma but the ingredients found in Basq aren’t designed to truly fade stretch marks. They do, however, provide great moisture and make the skin feel soft. But for $30+ a bottle, you’re better off getting something else that will actually work better such as TriLastin-SR or Skinception, both are proven effective on existing marks, not just for preventing them.

How to Use It

As with most stretch mark removal creams, Basq is designed to be rubbed directly onto the affected skin or potentially problematic areas. If using for prevention, simply apply the cream on the desired areas once a day. If using for treatment of existing marks use the cream on the affected areas twice per day. In either circumstance make sure you rub the cream into the skin until it is fully absorbed during each application.

Where to Buy It

Still think Basq is the right treatment for you? We understand. Below we’ve provided a link where you can purchase Basq’s stretch mark cream for the best price possible.


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